How to apply for Probate
The DIY Probate Kit for Victoria
made BY Victorians FOR Victorians
from the Victorian Probate Kit specialists with 30 years of Victorian experience

DIY Probate Kit for Victoria Australia
Your key to Probate in Victoria
PROVEN since the 1980's 
DIY Probate Kit for Victoria - probate certificate
This is what a probate certificate looks like.  
It usually arrives in your mailbox
about a week after you lodge your application.

Our Probate Kit for Victoria shows you how to get probate
in the shortest time
at the lowest cost

keeping personal control over the probate application and estate distribution.

Our Probate Kit for Victoria gives you:

  • A detailed description (online) of how probate works and how to prepare an application for it.
    You get immediate access to this when you order our kit
  • The stationery needed for an application (including blank forms that you can fill out by hand if you wish). We mail this to you. 
  • sample application illustrating how to fill out an application. (You select the sample that suits your situation best).

You can use the Probate Kit if

  • there is a Will, and
  • one or more of the executors named in the Will is going to apply for Probate.

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