How to order DIY legal kits

Our kits all include online content, so when you click on an ORDER button (at the bottom of this page) you are taken to a screen where you give yourself a user name and password, and a delivery address for the printed material we mail to you - (needed for Probate Kit orders for mailing of printed extras). 

You are taken to a secure payment page where you can pay by credit card.

When payment is completed you can access online content immediately by going to the Members Area of our website and logging in with the user name and password you just gave yourself.

We send you an email confirming your access details.


Our online kits are "mobile friendly", so you can read them on mobile devices like tablets or even phones.

In dealing with wills or probate though, you end up dealing with printed documents so you need to have access to desktop gear for that. 

Probate Kit - $99
+ $7.50 express post

DIY Probate Kit for Victoria

Immediate access to the online "How to Apply for Probate" manual.

Forms & stationery follow in the mail (express post).


Online Will Kit - $33

Will Kit for Australia - online tutorial image

Online kit as it appears on a desktop device,
with a Table of Contents down the left side.