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Registering your kit gives you access to online content.

You do not need to register a Probate Kit or Online Will Kit that you buy on this website. (It is automatically registered when you purchase).

You do need to register 
  • Probate Kit that you bought from a distributor
  • a printed Will Kit that bought on this website or from a distributor.

To register, go to the Members tab above and select "register a kit".

After you submit your registration, access details are emailed to you, usually within 24 hours.
(Please note that some email providers (esp. westnet and hotmail) seem to treat our emails as spam, so if our access email does not arrive within 24 hours we suggest looking in your email provider's spam box).

There is a time limit on registration - 6 months from the date of purchase. (We suggest keeping your receipt with the kit in case we ask for details).

Access Problems

If you want to report an access problem we need to know what is happening. It helps if you describe: 

  • What links you are clicking on
  • What messages are displayed on your screen
  • What passwords (if any) you are using.

Our emphasis is on ensuring that our access control system is operating correctly.

If you have an access problem    Email us