Our Probate Kit and Will Kits all have online content associated with them, and to access that online content your kit needs to be registered.

Time limit on registration

Note that there is a time limit on registration - this is given in the printed kit. 

Recommendation: Register as soon as you buy a kit. 

If you bought a kit at our website

If you buy a Probate Kit or an online Will Kit from this website it is automatically registered. To access online content all you need to do is log in at the "Members" tab.

If you bought a printed Will Kit from our website you need to register it using the form below. 

If you bought a kit from a distributor

If you buy a Probate Kit or a printed Will kit from a distributor you register it on the form below.

When registering the kit you give us the "user name" in the location described in the kit. Registration is not instant, but is usually completed within 24 hours. 

When registration is completed you receive an email with access details. (Note: hotmail or westnet very often divert our registration emails into your spam box).

Logging in

After registration is completed you can log in at the Members Area of our website and access the relevant online content.


(Your user name is on a label inside the back cover of the kit)
(The supplier is where you bought the kit. Please be specific and include the supplier's address)
(When you bought the kit. Please be specific)