Terms & Conditions

Goods are supplied subject to the following conditions, and in placing an order you are deemed to have consented to those conditions.

If you do not accept these conditions (and we draw your attention particularly to the condition about distribution of content), or you do not intend to respect these conditions, please do not order. All online access is logged and if breaches of conditions are detected, online access is suspended).

Personal use only

We publish our DIY legal kits to help individuals achieve personal goals, and it is a condition of supply that you are ordering for your own personal transaction. 

Distribution of content, or resale to third parties that distribute to third parties prohibited

Our kits are copyright, and giving access or arranging access of our intellectual property to third parties or to those whose purpose is to give third parties free access to our intellectual property is expressly prohibited.

Returns Policy

Please note that once kits are mailed and returned they cannot be re-sold (and the delivery of online resources cannot be reversed). For that reason kits are sold on a "no-return / no refund" basis. To help you check that our kits are suitable for your proposed purpose we describe their purpose in our Returns Policy page. 


Whilst we aim to ensure the accuracy of our kits, kit content can be affected by legislative changes or changes to government websites or policy changes by government or other relevant bodies, and for that or any other reason we cannot guarantee that every single statement in the kit will be accurate at any particular time.  Changes are made at times to the information in kits, and Legal Kits and/or its authors and/or its suppliers may make changes to legal kits at any time in their sole discretion without notice or liability.

Our legal kits are not legal advice

Our DIY legal kits do not constitute legal advice. Situations vary and you must satisfy yourself that our kits are appropriate for your intended use. Legal Kits Pty Ltd and any of its authors or suppliers are not providing legal advice nor do they warrant that its kits are entirely free of defects or fit for any specific purpose. Our products are sold as "Do it Yourself" products and neither Legal Kits Pty Ltd nor its authors nor its suppliers accepts any liability for any errors or omissions in our legal kits and any loss or damages resulting from or connected with the use of our kits. Your purchase of our publications implies your acceptance of that condition.

Links to Third Party Websites

Some of our legal kits contain links to third party websites that are external to Legal Kits. Legal Kits makes no warranties and accepts no liability for any links contained within Legal Kits to third party internet sites; the content and/or the accuracy, correctness, currency and/or reliability of such content therein; or any consequence of acting upon the contents of any website which is not owned/operated by Legal Kits.

Registering for Online Content Access

We offer purchasers of our Probate Kit or Will Kit free access to a range of additional online resources. To gain access to this online material you register your Kit, as described in the Kit.


Each kit can be registered once.


Online access duration: The free online access that we offer with our Probate Kit and Conveyancing Kit is of limited duration, and may be varied without notice at our discretion.


Limit to access devices: You can access your online content from up to three computers/devices. Online access is monitored and automatically locked if you exceed that limit (which means it's a bad idea to share your user name and password with other persons).

Privacy policy

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Limitation of liability

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Customer support

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