How to make a Will
for Australia
The DIY Will Kit from the originators

DIY Will Kit for Australia
Our Australian Will Kit shows you how to make a simple Will you understand - with no lawyer fees. 

Using this kit will help you:
  • Understand your Will better
  • Recognise things that could affect your Will in future
  • Learn what information you should store to help your Executor look after things for you.
We recommend DIY will-making for those whose circumstances are "non-contentious" or "non-vexatious"
but not for those who are divorced or in melded families (where there is potential for challenges to wills).

 Two versions - ONLINE or PRINTED

If you want a printed book to keep on your shelf, you can choose the printed version that we have published / edited / expanded / updated since the 1980's.

If you want to read the kit online - with an always-visible table of contents and a fast search function to help you find information on particular subjects, the online version will suit better.

Both versions lead to the same end result - a printed Will that you store wherever it suits you.

The information in both versions is essentially the same, and both versions allow you to make a Will for two people.

Online Will Kit

Will Kit for Australia - online tutorial image

The ONLINE Will Kit  is designed for reading on-screen (as shown above). It has: 

  • a quick-access Table of Contents on the left and the detail for each subject on the right
  • search function to help locate all references to a particular word or phrase - the modern way to find information.

and includes:

  • Will template that you save to your computer and edit / print / store (see file Download File Formats below)
  • Sample Will 
  • Downloads to help keep yourself AND your executor informed about things that matter when your Will comes to be used.


The online Will Kit lives on our website, where you can read it and use it for 6 months to make your Will (but you keep your downloads).

The Will that you make does not live on our website - you save it on your own computer (or other device) where you can review it or edit it in the future.

Your Privacy guaranteed

We do not ask you to fill in boxes on our website to make a Will - we think that is a bad idea because it introduces a lot of uncertainty about many things: 

  • Will your executor find the Will when needed? 
  • Will the company holding your Will still be in business
  • Is your privacy compromised? (Will some company capture private details of your executors and hassle them for expensive probate work in the future?)

With our online Will Kit you avoid those problems - you print your Will and keep it where you want it. Your privacy is guaranteed.

Price: $33 

How to order 

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Printed Will Kit

DIY Will Kit for Australia

The printed kit includes:

  • Step-by-Step description of wills and how to make them

  • Pre-printed forms that you can fill out by hand. (Or you can use a computer to slot your details into the spaces on the forms). There are enough blank forms for two people to make a Will
  • A sample Will
  • A collection of sample clauses for different situations
  • Free access to downloads to help you organise your Will, including:
    • Text file for the Will Kit form (which you can edit / format / print)
    • Budgeting template (to help work out your family's financial situation if you were not around - most people don't think about that but it is significant)
    • Executor Information storehouse (to give your Executor the information needed to apply for Probate).
    • A Personal Information Storehouse

Price: $33 + express post ($7.50) 

How to order