Probate Kit (Vic)

DIY Probate Kit Victoria

$99 + $7.50
express post 

  • Online step-by-step explanation of how to prepare a probate application (most easily read on desktop/laptop)
  • Free sample application (you select this online after purchase) 
  • Set of printed application forms and probate stationery (by mail)
  • Editable application forms - DOC format.

Will Kit (printed)

DIY Will Kit for Australia

$33 + $7.50
express post

  • Explanation of how Wills are structured
  • Pre-printed blank forms for two people to make a Will
  • Downloadable text file for the Will Kit form (which you can edit / format / print)
  • Downloads to help you organise your Will, including:
    • Budget template (to help assess your family's financial needs)
    • Executor Information template (to help you give your Executor with information needed to apply for Probate).

Will Kit (online)

Will Kit for Australia - online tutorial screen


  • Same content as in the printed version - (most easily read on desktop/laptop - see above)
  • Table of Contents on the left and the detail for each subject on the right
  • Search function to locate words
  • Editable Will template (DOC format) - save to your computer and edit / print / store
  • Other downloads to help keep yourself AND your executor informed about things that matter when your Will comes to be used.